Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials


On Thursday June 5th we took possession of our condo.  Once in the


unit, we realized all of the carpet would need to be replaced, something we


had not planned on doing.  With delivery of our furniture planned for


Saturday morning we needed it replaced immediately.  We went into your store


and spoke with Brittany and explained our situation.  While we looked at


carpets, she made phone calls trying to get installation set up for the next


day.  To our pleasant surprise, she was able to find someone to install the


carpet on short notice.  We found a carpet we liked from the selection she


showed us that was in stock.  The entire process took less than 20 minutes!


The next morning JD came to measure the area and just after noon our


installers were there taking out the old carpet and underlay and installing


the new carpet.  I can't remember the names of the installers (one called


himself "The Mexican" and the other May have been Jeremy) but they were


highly professional and completed the job quickly.




We would like to thank Brittany and the installers for making what could


have been a nightmare for us into a pleasant experience.  We personally


won't need carpet for a long time again but we will HIGHLY recommend your


company to anyone who is looking to purchase and install carpet.  Thanks






Tim and Mary P





1950 Hyde Park Road,  London, ON N6H 0A3